Everyone is excited about seeing the first real Captain America trailer during the Superbowl, but we already have a clear picture of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

One interesting bit about the movie is that Bucky will have a dark side to him. Maybe something that will set up for a future appearance by Winter Soldier? That could have some possibilities.

“Yeah, that’s true, but Sebastian has a dark, slightly quirky side to him — and that’s the case when he’s in character or not — and he brought that to this movie.

You know, he was originally up for the lead, for the Steve Rogers role, but he didn’t have quite the same earnest, I-want-to-fight-for-my-country aura that Chris has for this role. Sebastian has a little bit of the bad boy, he’s a little bit of the James Dean type and that goes somewhat counter to the general perception of Steve Rogers. He wasn’t quite right for Captain America, but I think he’s perfect for Bucky because, really, he can have a little bit of that dark side.”

Source: Hero Complex