Yesterday, a new poster came out for The Fantastic Four remake from Josh Trank. I missed that poster, but I’ve included it for you below as it shows the team showing off a little bit of their powers (all but Reed Richards because it’s hard as hell to make elasticity not seem goofy).

Today, someone has snapped a shot of a new international billboard for the film. I wanted to show this off to you because it gives us our first look at The Thing’s face. For me, it’s lacking a lot of definition. I’m sure it will look better when we see the animation, but so far…? Kinda meh. We are also getting a look at Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. It looks like they are really going to try and make this version of the human torch surrounded by flames instead of fully engulfed. I guess that’s just something that producers need to do now to get the most money out of an actor’s face value. You know… cause that worked out really well for Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool in the Wolverine movie.

Source: CBM