Shia LaBeouf is having a rough go of it. He’s not only embroiled in a political troll war with 4Chan, but now it looks like he might have set a world record for lowest sales, anywhere on an opening weekend. According to Variety, the Transformers and Indiana Jones star’s latest film, “Man Down,” grossed just £7 ($8.70) in its UK premier weekend. In his defense, the film did only open in one theater and it was also simultaneously launched in on demand.

One bright spot is that LaBeouf now joins a pretty prestigious club of A-Listers who have tanked in their UK openings. Last Summer Emma Watson’s film “The Colony” opened to £47 in the U.K.. Meanwhile, Richard Gere’s “The Benefactor” raked in £25 in spring of 2016.

In the end, the real silver lining here is that people are talking about how poorly ‘Man Down’ did in theaters. Before this, no one was talking about it at all. There’s a good chance that they’ll get some decent sales from just the people who want to watch it ironically or who want to see if it really is that bad.

Man Down co-stars Kate Mara, Gary Oldman, and Jai Courtney. Check out the trailer below.

Source: Variety