Just a minute ago, The new trailer was released for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (How did Kimmel somehow suddenly become the place where all big trailers are released?)

Anyways, the big takeaway here is that we got our first look at the extremely super CGI looking Doomsday. There’s shades of the original comic book design, but they’ve managed to soften him and give him a creepy baby head.

We also get a better look at Wonder Woman’s entry into the fray… something I really wish they could have saved for the movie. As for their addition of some forced humor when she does enter, it sounds like it was a half-hearted attempt to satisfy fans who thought Man of Steel was too dark.

I wanted this trailer to give me more reason to see the film, but it just still feels like Zak Snyder, sitting in a dark room, playing with himself while listening to industrial music.

Also… is it DC law that all Batman voices now have to be gravelly to the point of near incoherence?