New York Comic Con is coming up in just a few days and it looks like one Comic Great is already dishing about some of the hottest comic book movie sequels that are on the way.

Here’s what he had to say about Batman 3. Let’s hope that by the end of the week, we find out more details on his awesome secret:

# Oh, wait. Con gossip: I know who the villain(s) are in Batman 3 and the big scene outside Gotham sounds awesome. Totally timely locale.

# One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character. Again, very unexpected.

Then, just 4 minutes ago, he posted this little nugget on the new Wolverine movie:

# Also, a pal told me Wolverine 2 script is one of the best he’s ever read. This is a guy I totally trust and he agrees the first one sucked.

This one really excites me because if he’s willing to admit the first one was crap, then maybe his opinion on the sequel is on the money!