“Toy Story” is probably one of the more recognizable film titles in the last decade much in part due to its repeated box office success and charming premise. It’s hard to imagine the franchise with another title other than “Toy Story” but it is always interesting to at least wonder.

We can now however, thanks to Pixar director Lee Unkrich, who recently revealed a list of rejected titles of what could have been. The titles were submitted by all the employees’s at Pixar Studios, with over 200 titles total. From Unkrich’s Twitter, he has since revealed a handful of names from that list:

The New Toy
Made in Taiwan
Moving Buddies
To Infinity and Beyond
Wind-Up Heroes
The Cowboy & The Spaceman
Spurs & Rockets
Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear
Rex’s First Movie
For the Love of Peep
Toyz in the Hood
Each Sold Separately
Wings & Pullstrings
Some Assembly Required
The Favorite

Wow, could you image “Toy Story” having been called “Toyz in the Hood” or “Made in Taiwan?” It’s a good thing the folks at Pixar decided to stick with what was the most obvious choice. If you had the chance to rename “Toy Story,” what title would you choose? Let us know!

Source: AICN