If you liked An Idiot Abroad or The Ricky Gervais Show, you are going to want to check this out. Gervais and Pilkington are teaming up for a new web series called “Learn English WIth Ricky Gervais”.

Deadline is reporting that Gervais has just finished the pilot and that it is supposedly going to be great. They aren’t saying what the premise will be, but we can guess that it will involve mocking Karl Pilkington.

As far as how you can see it, this is what Ricky Gervais wrote on his blog:

“put out the first one free as a taster then work out the best way to distribute. Might charge a small fee or get it sponsored”, Gervais writes. Gervais also says says he hopes to subtitle the show in “as many languages as possible”, including a Klingon version.

Source: Deadline