G.I. Joe was never my favorite 80s cartoon growing up, but darn it if I don’t like them still. With that said, the big budget Hollywood film that came out a few years ago was rather disappointing and left a bad taste in my mouth. But this small budget fan film called “Operation: Red Retrieval” was able to change all that was able to bring back a lot of the nostalgia from the original cartoon.

This is exactly how I’d want a G.I. Joe movie to be made. Authentic, down to the costumes and not Bryan Singer-ed (comic book costumes? It can’t be done in real life!). Noticeably, the fan film features Zartana, Snakeeyes and Stomshadow.

Directed by Mark Cheng, the fan film was made with just a budge of $2000 and shot entirely on a Canon 7D over a six day period. Talk about impressive. For more be sure to check out GIJoefanfilm.com.