We’ve been talking a lot about the sequel to Paranormal activity that is coming out in theaters later this month, but most people don’t even know that Paramount actually has a second parallel sequel for the movie that is being made in Asia for the Japanese market. The new film is called: ‘Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night’. Not to be confused with Tokyo Drift, which while horrific, was not technically a horror film.

This won’t be a redo of the original or anything like that, this is its own story within the ‘Paranormal Activity’ Universe. From what we can tell, no one has ever really jumped continents for parallel sequels before.

In this movie, a Japanese student is followed home by a ghost all the way from San Diego. One of the thins that should make this very interesting is how differently Japanese culture approaches the spirit world and horror movies in general. This really could be something very unique.

Japanese moviegoers can expect to see the film in theaters this December.

Source: Slashfilm