Here at at YBMW, we take a special interest in those special people that we’ve been fortunate enough to make part of the site. of these “friends of the wookie” as I like to call them, Patrick Duffy shines through as one of our greatest. That’s why we are so happy to help spread the news that for the first time in a career that has spanned four decades, Patrick Duffy has a major role in a big motion picture!

No, this isn’t the Man from Atlantis or even the a full length feature of Patrick and the Crab. No, this is a new Disney production called “You Again.”

According to THR, He’s joining Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis and Odette Yustman, among others, in a story that centers on a woman (Bell) who finds out that her brother is planning to marry the girl (Yustman) who made her high school years a living hell. She tries to convince him that his fiancee is not the nice girl she pretends to be.

In the movie, Duffy will be playing the high school crush of both Weaver and Curtis.

In our interview with him a few months ago, Patrick told us that he just tries to keep himself open to opportunities and he has been very lucky with the opportunities that have presented themselves to him over the years. That streak seems to be continuing with “You Again.”

Duffy’s break was meeting Fickman at a Father’s Day function — the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tribute to television dads. Soon after, Fickman offered the actor the part.

The most exciting part of this for us is that the film is a Disney production and they own the Muppets. We know that it has been a life long dream of Patrick’s to work with The Muppets and he even said that he’d appear in their new movie for free. We hope that this new opportunity opens all the right doors for him.