Patrick Stewart is always a must see at any convention panel. You never know what you’ll get out of him, but it will always be entertaining, and sometimes it can be very touching. One of the big things that came out of his last convention appearance was that he touched (briefly and vaguely) on why he is alive and kicking in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, when he was last seen vaporized and then in someone else’s body at the end of X-Men: Last Stand.

Check out the full clip below:
“It’s been 6 or 7 years since X-Men 3, where you will recall that Charles Xavier was vaporized by whats-her-name, Jean Grey. And you’re asking yourselves, ‘If you were vaporized, how can you be in the next X-Men movie?’ Anybody got any ideas how that came about?” One audience member yelled out “Time travel,” to which Stewart responded: “Yeah, that’s exactly it. I guess. There will be an explanation, but it was a little puzzling for me because I thought my X-Men days were over. So, it’s something to look forward to.”

On the off chance that you haven’t seen it, here’s the viral video of his response to a young woman about domestic abuse and his own personal experiences in his family as a child.

Source: Comingsoon