Patton Oswalt has been quietly building one of the most impressive resume’s of any comedian in Hollywood today. For a lot of people he is known as one of three things. He’s either Spence on King of Queens, Remy from Ratatouille, or Patton Oswalt from The Comedians of Comedy. If that is all you know about Patton Oswalt, you are missing out. Not only does he have some great voice over credits ranging from Spongebob to Static Shock and even The Batman, but he’s also been picking up some very meaty roles like his recent appearance in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and his starring role in the critically acclaimed “Big Fan.”

Well, the word is that now he’s joining the cast of Syfy’s upcoming drama series “Caprica” as a recurring character. On the show he’ll be playing Baxter Sarno, a late night talk show host. We’re all big fans of Oswalt’s here and we can’t wait to see him grilling Eric Stoltz when Caprica Kicks off on SyFy.