Peter Jackson has always made his films accessible to fans by creating wonderful production blogs to guide us all through the exactly what it takes to get all that magic on the screen. In his latest blog, Jackson dives into the world of 3D and let’s us in on some of the tricks and challenges that are involved in making Bilbo Baggins jump off the screen!

Two 3D cameras need to be mounted at the same “interocular” (the inch-or-so distance between your eyes) which is impossible given the size of the Epic and its lenses. The team had to hire specialist firm 3ality to build a rig where one camera shoots the action and the other is pointed vertically at a mirror. Those who would love to shoot with an Epic should also beware that the cameras naturally desaturate the action to such an extent that the makeup, costume and set design teams have to over-color everything to look natural in post production.

Source: Geeksaresexy