The 80’s were a golden era for practical effects driven movies. Everything from Critters and Gremlins to Big Trouble in Little China and Living Dead and Return of The Living Dead owe a big part of their cult status to the unforgettable effects and monsters. Now, Jerry Macaluso, a visual effects icon and well respected toy maker/ founder of PCS Toys, is working on a film that he thinks will bring the magic of the 80’s creature features back to the big screen.

While they are ready to start filming, they estimate that they will need close to $75,000 to finish the project. We don’t post a lot of Kickstarter videos here, but I’ve been a fan of Jerry’s since his time at SOTA toys. The initial creature work looks great, and the plot for the film sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Check it out and, if you like what you see, throw a couple bucks his way to help make Portal Popperz a reality.

PORTAL POPPERZ is a 1980s-style creature feature in the spirit of films like Gremlins, that expertly balanced their laughs with screams.

An augmented reality game called Portal Popperz has become a cultural phenomenon, and it seems like everyone has their eyes glued to their smartphones trying to catch the digital creatures. But when a motley crew of misfits discover the Popperz are spawning in the real world, it’s up to our unlikely heroes to halt their path of destruction.