One of the stranger aquisitions by Disney as part of FOX is the Predator franchise and the house of mouse isn’t wasting any time bringing everyone’s favorite intergalactic hunters to the big screen. This morning it was announced that the studio has wrapped filming on a new sequel to the original Predator film under the title, Prey.

The new film is set to drop next summer and will actually be dropping on Hulu, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it also pops into theaters. The film was directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg and it is set 300 years ago where Naru, a skilled female warrior from the Comanche Nation will protect her tribe against a Predator.

Until this morning, the new film was going under the code-name Skulls, and it actually finished shooting on September 17th. We’re hoping we get an actual trailer for the film later today as part of Disney+