We reported yesterday about the new Daredevil reboot that is on the way from Director David Slade. Now it is time for the rumors to begin on who will try to redeem the role of Matt Murdock after the last movie.

The first name that has been thrown into ring really sort of bummed me out at first until we tossed it around the YBMW offices and a decent argument was made.

Who are we talking about? Robert Pattinson. Why do I hate the choice… well, he was in Twilight… Twilight sucks. But, the fact remains that maybe that wasn’t his fault exactly.

Then you’ve got the physical thing. Matt Murdock is not supposed to be beefed up or tall or super hero looking at all. He’s supposed to be a smaller, unimposing figure. The kind of guy you would look at and never think twice about. Also, both he and Pattinson are gingers.

SO why was his name thrown into the hat? The answer is simple. Slade directed a Twilight film, so it’s the easy choice if you are looking for a big name to connect to the project.

So, can you think of anyone better?

Source: moviehole