For 99 episodes, Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken has led us to believe that the actual Robot Chicken from the opening credits was created by a mad scientist in a lab. Now, as the show nears its 100th episode on Sunday, January 15th at 11:30 PM it appears as though the show’s creators (Seth Green and Matthew Seinriech) are hoping to create a kinder and… sexier version through more organic means.

That’s right, streaming live on web cam this week is the Robot Chicken Love Cam. On it, a live chicken and the robot who humps stuff are in a motel room, listening to super cheesy romantic music. It looks like the show’s creators will also be making appearances today and tomorrow. We can only hope that they will not also be trying to mate with the chicken.

Here’s The streaming schedule:
11am & 2pm – feedings
Monday 4pm – Sexy Time with Matt, Zeb & Tom
Tuesday 4pm – Sexy Time with Seth & Matt
LIVE Jan 9th – 13th from 9a – 7p EST