If there’s one franchise that Marvel hasn’t managed to nail when it comes to the big screen, it’s the Fantastic Four. Many fans were left unimpressed with Tim Story’s films starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, and Josh Trank’s Fan4Stick is iconic only for the fact that it is a 4-alarm dumpster fire. There’s a good chance that we’ll finally get the Fantastic Four we deserve when Disney brings the first family of superheroes back into the MCU, but there was one other attempt to make an F4 film that the studio never wanted to see the light of day. I’m talking about the 1994 Roger Corman produced Fantastic Four film that has become a staple of the bootleg counters at comic book conventions around the world.

You can check it out on youtube through the embed below. It’s one of those movies that falls into the cult classic range for a lot of fans. It’s not a great movie by any means, but it’s one that has gone out of its way to be comic book accurate. Also, it’s got an appearance from Punky Brewster’s dad, Henry!