Is one of those strange films that falls into the memory hole for many Star Wars fans because it was the first film that wasn’t directly part of the Skywalker saga and it was the first Star Wars anthology film. It didn’t stand out for its badness like Solo did, but it had enough flaws that the movie will not be remembered as one of the best Star Wars films either. What it did have, however, was a ballsy ending that killed off pretty much every major character in the film. Sure, it’s been done before, but it was pretty amazing to see that Disney had signed off on it. Well, it turns out, there was almost a very different ending that would have fit in much better with what you’d expect from Disney.

Here’s what screenwriter Chris Weitz recently revealed:
“The version prior to [mine] didn’t have everyone die. As a matter of fact, it ended with a wedding. I think it was on the presumption that Disney wouldn’t allow characters to die with such abandon.

I felt it was necessary because nobody ever mentions them or sees them again,” he continued. “But also because we’ve done this whole sort of theme about sacrifice that it was appropriate that all of our main characters die.”

Source: CBM