The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t even out in theaters when people had already begun asking about the reboot. Now, there’s a rumor on the net, care of Batman on Film, a site that has been really good about accuracy that is saying we may not see the caped crusader again until The Justice League film comes out. I think this is baaad idea. The nice thing about the Marvel/ Avengers formula is that you didn’t have to waste time introducing characters. They each got their own movie for that. As a result, you could focus on the story at hand and not the introductions. Also, bit movies mean big stars, mean big egos. Whedon worked hard to give every star their moment and their share of screen time. Introducing characters in the film means that some people are going to get more camera time as they need to be re-introduced to the public. I just see this as not going over well on a practical level.

Here’s what Batman-On-Film actually had:

“Said [Batman] reboot will come after the JL film, not before. Therefore, the new cinematic Batman will be introduced in the JL film as opposed to a solo film. This would, according to my industry “FOBOF,” assure the new Batman film series will be part of a “DC Cinematic Universe.” – Batman-On-Film