It’s been known for a long time that Jason Mamoa is playing Aquaman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’ve also heard some rumors on how they’ll be flashing back to Man of Steel to help connect him with Superman. Now, we’ve got rumors on how we’ll see the character when he first comes on screen.

Check it out, via LatinoReview.

The potential spoiler has to deal with the king of Atlantis, Aquaman. Apparently the scene that introduces him to the audience involves him being held in a containment cell, and slamming his hand against the cell’s glass wall. Now if it’s true it ties in to what the former Latino-Review editor reported not to long ago about Aquaman’s scepter being in the possession of one Amanda Waller, who we’ll see on screen in “Suicide Squad.” Could she be the one holding Aquaman prisoner? It’d make sense if she has his scepter in her possession.

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