There’s a new rumor out, care of Heroic Hollywood that claims to be the team rosters for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Keep in mind that these are just rumors right now, but they mostly make sense.

Team Cap:
Captain America
The Falcon
Scarlet Witch
The Winter Soldier

Team Iron Man
Iron Man
The Vision
Black Widow
War Machine

No word on where Black Panther will fall just yet. Also, Thor and Hulk are missing from the list. It’s a good chance that this plays into the Ragnarok storyline.

Some fans are angry that Spider-Man is on Tony’s team, but that’s how he started out in the comics. It wasn’t until about halfway through that he realized the error of his ways and switched over to cap. The question is whether he’ll realize it before he publicly unmasks himself like he did in the original story.

Source: Heroic Hollywood