Fox has got to get moving if they want to keep the Fantastic Four movie licence. Unfortunately for the studio, no one is clamoring for a sequel to Fan4Stick, and their Doctor Doom film is still just in the early planning stages. Recently, a rumor popped up that the secret to keeping the franchise going could be a film based around the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

We already know from THR that the idea has been discussed, but now several entertainment sites are reporting that the film could be getting fast-tracked by combining the idea with a previous screenplay based on Mark Millar’s unpublished children’s book, ‘Kindergarten Heroes’. The new screenplay is currently being written up by Seth Grahame-Smith.

If the rumors are true, it means that the film would focus on Franklin and Valeria Richards and fans could expect to see supporting roles filled by The Human Torch and Ben Grimm’s The Thing.

Source: CBM