There’s a big report floating around from Bleeding Cool about a major shift in the status Quo for Superman over at DC Comics. Always the paragon of virtue, Supes has had some tough times lately under the pen of Brian Michael Bendis. As of right now, the government is beginning to question whether or not they can trust Superman, he’s been nicknamed King of Earth, and the reveal of his secret identity as Clark Kent has left his family and friends vulnerable to attack.

According to Bleeding Cool, this will culminate in a pared down version of the previously announced 5G DC reboot. While much of 5G has been canceled, this was apparently part of the plan since the beginning. With all of the mounting pressures on Earth, Kal-El will go from being a beacon of hope to the leader of The Authority.

If this does happen, it would mean Superman turning against his ideals. It would also mean that it is very temporary. He’s Superman. The only reason to take him down a dark path is so that they can make a big deal about him returning to the light. Hell, it worked for Hulk Hogan. It can work for Superman.