Rumors are swirling surrounding Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Lars and the Real Girl) as Warner Bros. Pictures’ first choice for DC’s Green lantern big screen adaptation.

“You know who the studio wants to wear Abin Sur’s ring and take up the mantle of The Green Lantern? From my trusted source within the WB, I’m hearing… RYAN GOSLING

Mind you, I don’t know if an offer has been made, and if WB is into it now with Ryan’s people, but once again Gosling is who I’m hearing the WB wants for Hal Jordan.”

Personally, I wouldn’t hold my breath as the film is currently in its infant stage, and while writers (Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green) and director Greg Berlanti are attached to the project, no release date has been scheduled yet for the film.

Gosling, really? If you ask me, I just don’t see it. Not for Kyle and certainly not for Hal.

Source: Latino Review