In a recent interview, Ryan Reynolds finally took a minute to explain the big brouhaha over reciting the Green Lantern oath in public and how a little kid at Comic Con finally got him to do it.

It really sounds like Reynolds is one of the good guys out there in Hollywood… and with a wife like his, he either is one of the best guys in the world, or he’s signed one hell of a deal with Satan.

“It really was the best. Those f**kers kept coming at me to do the oath. It’s like, ‘Just scream dance monkey dance next time,’ you know? But that kid? That’s who it’s for. When some guy’s got a camera in your face, that’s sort of silly and exploitative. But that kid? That was sort of a defining moment for me. It’s everything you could want out of an experience like this. I’ve never had a film where my nieces and nephews were anticipating it a year in advance. And my friends I went to high school with? They’re anticipating it a year in advance, too. So it’s for big kids and young one, you know?”

“I met him backstage. His name was Connor, and he’s from Michigan. I was vetting him to see if he was a plant, and he wasn’t. And it felt so good. He was just a normal kid. He was there with his dad at Comic-Con. That was pretty much the best feeling in the world except maybe the phone call where they told me I was the Green Lantern.”

Source: Comic Book Movie