Seth Rogen is having a great time over at SXSW. Not only did his screening of the Preacher premier get rave reviews, but fans are going nuts over the screening of his new animated, R-Rated comedy, Sausage Party.

For me, a lot of Rogen’s stuff has been hit or miss. It’s funny, but a lot of it just isn’t my personal funny. That said, the 12 year old boy in me laughed his ass off during this whole trailer.

The film tells the story of one sausage setting out on a quest to discover the truth about his existence. After falling out of a shopping cart, our hero sausage and his new friends embark on a perilous journey through the supermarket to get back to their aisles before the Fourth of July sale.

Also, is it just me, or does this trailer evoke flashbacks of the food hallucination scene from Young Sherlock Holmes?

Source: Collider