THR is reporting that than Martin Scorsese is getting ready to make a biopic about Frank Sinatra. The movie deal comes after a long struggle inside the family over how they wanted the story to be told and how much of Sinatra’s life they actually wanted to capture on film.

“The obstacles were ones of comfort and trust,” Schulman said. “Everybody that was in control of the rights had to unanimously agree to do this. And having Marty at the head of this was the thing that ultimately cracked the code, so to speak.”

Interestingly, Scorsese has been working for a decade on a film about Sinatra pal dean Martin and this film gives him a chance to bring some of that forward as Martin will most assuredly be a part of the film.

There’s been no word on who will take the role of Ole Blue Eyes, but you can bet that every two bit palooka who thinks they can belt out Pennies From Heaven will be fighting for the role.