One of the most anticipated panels of the day was the Big Bang Theory in Hall H. The show is one of the only Sitcoms to have ever gotten this much love from the crowd and I’m pretty sure they are the only ones to hit Hall H… and man did they hit it.

With Mythbusters’ Adam Savage as the MC, the panel opened with a Season 5 Gag Reel. After that, Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and Steven Molaro and cast members Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons (via Satellite), Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, and Melissa Rauch all took the stage. Johnny Galecki was held up by a late flight.

Here are some highlights from the Audience Q and A.

– One person asked Jim Parsons if he was a Man Or A Muppet? Parsons said that he’s a man but it was great being cast n the movie because he feels like a muppet.

– On whether Raj will find love – Chuck Lorre said that there is a love story planned for Raj next season.

– The cast sang Soft Kitty in a round. * As soon as that video is available, we’ll have it on the site!

– A kid asked Parsons why Sheldon likes the Flash so much.
– The show runners answered that Sheldon was bullied a lot as a kid and the Flash could run away really fast.

– Kaley Cuoco asked Chuck Lorre “Is the Higgs-Boson discovery going to be factored into the show?”

The Characters favorite lines:

Melissa Rauch – “Anything Ms. Wolowitz says.”

Simon Helberg: “I ate a butterfly”, and the exchanges with Ms. Wolowitz.

Kunal Nayyar: Anytime Raj says a word that begins with “p”.

Kaley Cuoco: Every time Sheldon knocks on her door.

Jim Parsons: When he tells Leonard, “I don’t know your life.”

The big reveal came after the questions, when real astronaut, Rick Searfross came out on stage and offered Helberg a tip on the Lynx suborbital space machine. Then Chuck Lorre suggests that someone from the audience might like to go. They then invited everyone who had asked a question up on stage and gave them envelopes, One woman drew the lucky ticket and the trip to space. That is a Comic Con moment that will go down in history.

Source: Collider