Cartoon Network and Dreamworks Animation unveiled the first footage of their upcoming CGI series “Dragons: Riders of Berk,” an extension to the surprise 2010 “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise, today.

According to the show creator, Dragons will not be a spin off or an adapted version of the franchise, but rather it will pick up right where the film left off. So essentially, the show will act as a bridge between the first film and its upcoming sequel. If for whatever reason you’ve never seen the original movie, that’s not a problem too. The show is capable of being watched as a stand-alone series.

Almost all the original cast is set to reprise their role in the new Saturday morning series. That includes Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and T. J. Miller. Joining the original cast will be voice actor veterans Mark Hamill, Tim Conway and Tom Wilson!

The story will be about how the Vikings and the dragons coexist in a new society. There will be new adventures and new breeds of dragons. Like how the movie ended, each of the kids will have their own dragon, and each dragon will be unique with their own special abilities.

While the animation is not as good as the film, it’s still very stunning and sets the bar high for CGI series.

“Dragons: Riders of Berk” is coming this fall on The Cartoon Network.