Perhaps one of the biggest surprise today at Comic-Con came from Legendary Films when fans in Hall H got a sneak peak at the upcoming Godzilla remake!

The panel took place after Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, and fans were treated with an unannounced and surprised test clip for what ended up being Godzilla!!!

The clip opened with a shot of a devastated city. Buildings were leveled, there were fire all around as if an atom bomb had gone off. You hear the worlds “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds…” The camera pans to an unidentified created. Cut to black… Godzilla roars! Although we didn’t see much of Godzilla, there was enough to make all the fans in the audience go absolutely crazy. And if the roar wasn’t iconic, the teaser ends with the title “Godzilla.”

According to Tull, the was just a test shot and director Gareth Edwards (who later came out) says that this will be a serious film grounded on realism. Godzilla is in its infancy, but it’s definitely a film that I’m excited for and can’t wait to hear more of.