After receiving the Ink Pot Award for Excellence in Comics, Walking Dead creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Aldard took a whole bunch of questions from the crowd about the comic, the TV show and where things are headed. Here are the highlights.

– Both creators really like the TV show and the differences that exist between the two universes. One of their favorite examples of a great change was how Sophia was dealt with in the show compared to the comic.

– On the end of the series, Kirkman said that he’s got a vague idea in mind, but it is only there as a contingency plan. “we love what we’re doing and this is genuinely what we set out to do with our lives.” Aldard added that there is an end, but it could be anywhere from two – twenty years down the road.

-Both Kirkman and Aldard pretty much agreed that they would be completely useless in an actual zombie apocalypse.

– On turning Kirkman’s ultra violent scripts into visual comic books, Aldard said that he only ever felt reluctant about something once, the torture issue, but that Kirkman was eventually able to talk him into it.

Kirkman added that he was going to send some real life images as inspiration to Aldard for a scene in issue #100, but he decided that the visuals were just too horrific.

– On the idea of a Walking Dead Spin-off series, both creators said no.

Other tidbits

– Kirkman told the crowd that even though there are not many animals left in the world, Norman Reedus has been asking for Daryl to get a dog.

Source: COllider