Are you ready for Flashpoint? Fans got their first look at the new season and it looks like it is going to be a little jarring at first, for the audience as well as for Barry. With the final moments of last season, he’s essentially undone his entire continuity. That means Eobard Thawn is back and everything else is crazy… Cisco is the world’s richest man?!?

As of now, we know some stuff thanks to the panel for the show. We know that the Flashpoint storyline will be dealt with in some way pretty early in the season. We also know that it won’t take all of the comic version, but will have enough in there to make fans happy. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect to see any other heroes from the comics in the show.

Barry and possibly Thawn, will be the only ones aware of the Flashpoint situation. Also, expect the relationship between Barry and Iris to be totally different, as they did not grow up together in this reality.

The Flash returns to the CW on October 4th.