OK, so the weird thing here is that the biggest news to come out of today’s Legion Panel at Comic Con doesn’t actually have anything to do with Legion. You can read that HERE, but in this post we are going to stick with the news that has to do with the actual show.

While there were no plot details given away about the upcoming second season of FX’s hit Mutant series, we did get some tasty tidbits that are more than enough to keep us all excited.

– We now know that the show will be coming back to TV in early 2018, with a ten episode long season 2.

– While no details were given, showrunner Noah Hawley mentioned that they are looking at ways to bring David Haller’s dad into the show. If you don’t know the comic back-story of just who that is… It’s PROFESSOR X!

– The Shadow King has been cast. Saïd Taghmaouim (Sameer in Wonder Woman) has been hired to take on the role of Amahl Farouk. He’s a really talented actor and there should be some really interesting chemistry between him and the rest of the cast.