Warner Bros is comic to SDCC with a lot to prove this year. They have two big movies that they need to succeed if they plan on continuing with this iteration of the DCEU and they’ve got their own streaming network dedicated entirely to DC-related content about to hit the internet. One of the nice things about Comic-Con is that it gives the studios a chance to let fans get closer to the props and costumes from upcoming projects than pretty much anywhere else in the world. This year, The studio is displaying costumes from Aquaman, Shazam, and the upcoming Titans TV series. While it’s great to see how accurate a lot of the costumes are to the source material, it’s hard to imagine that bringing out that Starfire costume is going to elicit much of a positive response. When it was first revealed in leaked set photos, many fans derided the costume as looking like a homeless prostitute. It will be interesting to see if their opinions change once they get to see it up close.