Deadline managed to snag a scoop that will probably be one of the big reveals at the CW Panels tomorrow. It looks like the massive Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover will see multiple Supermen. Along with Supergirl’s version of the character played by Tyler Hoechlin, we’ll also be seeing DC Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh put on the tights and play an alternate universe version of the man of Steel. As you may remember, Routh is no stranger to playing a Kryptonian as he starred in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.

There is no word yet on whether the version of Superman that Routh will be playing will be the one from the Singer film or if he will be playing a different iteration of the character. One thing is for sure, it’s got to be both awesome and awkward to suit back up after so many years and the mixed reception that Superman Returns got from fans and critics.