With the recent announcement of HBO MAX, the new streaming service from Warnermedia, it’s hard to imagine that the DC Streaming universe is long for this world. Still, the network has turned out some great shows like Doom Patrol, and the revival of Young Justice, as well as new takes on Both Titans and Swamp Thing. While Swamp Thing has already been cancelled, I’m really hoping at least Doom Patrol and Young Justice survive.

In just a few days, hundreds of thousands of fans will be streaming through the doors of San Diego Comic-Con and if they are also subscribers of the DC Streaming Universe, they’ll be able to get these four posters throughout the course of the show. One poster will be released each day and they will only be available to people who are subscribers.

Titans (Thursday)

Swamp Thing (Friday)

Young Justice: Outsiders (Saturday)

Doom Patrol (Sunday)