Mandatory Credit: Photo by Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock (9570516ap) Joe Russo and Anthony Russo ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film fans event, London UK – 08 Apr 2018

There aren’t a lot of people who can carry a big Comic-Con Panel on their own, but after directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, the Russo Bros have more than enough mojo to make it happen. That Marvel Mojo did come into play with beamed in questions from several cast members like Tom Holland, Mark Ruffallo, Chris Hemsworth and Paul Rudd, but we want to focus on the new stuff they talked about and not them refusing to answer which Chris has the best ass.

Here’s the Highlights:

  • Tom Holland appeared on screen to talk about his new film with the Russo Bros, Cherry.
  • They announced the film will be Rated R.
  • It is based on Knopf novel, which was inspired by his own experiences as an Army medic back from Iraq, but with extreme un-diagnosed PTSD. He falls into deep drug addiction and ends up robbing Banks.
  • Here’s what Joe Russo had to say about the film:

“It’s a story about drug addiction and the opioid crisis. It’s touched us both, it’s a deeply personal movie for us. The gent who wrote the book went through the same growth arc in the same part of the city we grew up in — but different experiences,” 

  • When asked about doing a Secret Wars movie for Marvel, they teased that it’s something they’d be interested in and that they could see it being a six-film event on its own. They also clarified that there are no plans in the works to make it happen any time soon.
  • They mentioned that their Magic The Gathering animated series at Netflix is coming along and may even spin-off into a live-action series.
  • They have purchased the rights to Battle Of The Planets and plan on turning the classic anime into a live-action film. If the film happens, they may direct it.
  • – In case you don’t know “Battle of The Planets”: The series follows five young orphans who are trained from a young age to form an elite, intergalactic team known as G-Force, swearing to protect Earth and its allies from otherworldly invading forces.
  • They are also producing a live-action adaptation of The Grimjack Comics graphic novel by John Ostrander and Tim Truman for Amazon Prime. Here’s the basic story:
  • “It’s about a mercenary and his crew who are forced to dig into their own pasts when Grimjack’s estranged teenage daughter comes to him looking for help. This will take them through the insane streets of Cynosure, a mysterious city where all parallel universes intersect. There, this unlikely team fights to save not just themselves, but all the planes of existence.