There are big things afoot for the next season of The Walking Dead. We know that Danai Gurera’s Michonne is exiting the show, and that war with the Whisperers is all but unavoidable. It was also announced that Ghost World star Thora Birch and The Leftovers actor Kevin Carroll would be joining the show in season 10.

Birch will be playing Gamma, one of the Whisperers while Carroll will play Virgil, a man they encounter in the woods who is desperately trying to get home to his family.

There’s been no reveal as of yet as to whether Lauren Cohan is coming back to the show, but it’s pretty obvious that the door is there for her to appear on either the series or as part of the upcoming Rick Grimes movie that we’ll talk about in the next post.

The trailer for the new season is action-packed for sure, but the big reveal is right at the end when Michonne takes a very familiar stance with a very familiar item in her hands that you might not expect. Also, look for this season to be a bit of a redemption arc for Negan as he gets out of jail and starts doing his part to serve the fine folks of Alexandria.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead will premier on AMC October 6th.