Loki is coming to an end, but there’s plenty cooking for Marvel at Disney+. Next month we’ve got What If?… followed by Hawkeye later this year. Then we’ve got a slew of new shows including She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Secret Invasion starring Sam Jackson and Emilia Clarke. Today we are getting a few more details on some of the roles in the show from the Twitter account, SecretsUpdate. We can’t verify these, so take them with a grain of salt, but here’s the new info that’s been released.

“Secret Invasion lead, Emilia Clarke will portray a confident spy (with some powers and attitude) that can get in and out of situations with ease as well as well trained and intelligent. She will play opposite Ben Mendelsohn for most of the show,” reads the information shared by the account.

“Christopher Mcdonald will portray a Tucker Carlson [Fox News] anchor type character in [Secret Invasion]. Role is said to be a fun part for the actor. Olivia Colman will portray a mysterious character who works behind the scenes, possibly with [a] Russian accent and will also throw a punch. Major organizer. Pulls strings in the operations. Really smart and powerful.”

“[Kingsley Ben-Adir] will go toe to toe with Sam Jackson,” they conclude. “This is a major role on par with the two leads (Samuel L Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn). He came up the ranks with SKRULL COMMANDING.”