Directed Aaron Schoenke is back with an all new Batman short called “Seeds of Arkham.” From Bat in the Sun Productions, this is a sequel to his 2010 short “City of Scars.” Schoenke does an excellent job once again, producing one of the better Batman fan-films to date. While it isn’t as long as “City of Scars,” it’s just as good and worth a watch. My only complaint? Batman DOESN’T KILL.

If you like what you see, please think about contributing to Bat in the Sun Productions via their Kickstarter page here. You don’t need to be rolling in Bruce Wayne money, I’m sure anything will help.

Here is a description of the short:

The film follows the chaos that breaks out in Gotham City after the Clown Prince of Crime dies. Seeds of Arkham features Kevin Porter, reprising his role as Batman, Xango Henry as Killer Croc, Alexa Mey as Poison Ivy and Aaron Schoenke as Nightwing.The action short film ends with a cliffhanger, hopefully leaving fans cheering for more.