This season of Doctor Who has been spectacular, but it is quickly drawing to a close. Now some bad news has come down and will force us all to be much more patient than we were expecting to have to be. It seems that the seventh series of the show has now been delayed until the fall of 2012!

This is a pretty rough blow to fans of the show. It means that we could possibly have to wait close to ten months between new episodes. It also means that next season will probably start in the fall of 2012 and then break after 6 episodes before coming back to finish in 2013. Now, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and Steven Moffat has promised major doings for the anniversary… but that’s not until 2013!

There’s a pretty solid chance that sometime after mid December 2012, zombies are going to kill us all. It’s going to suck if that happens in the midst of a mid-season cliff hanger!

Source: Bleedingcool