Shane Black has won a lot of credit from fans after he redeemed Iron Man in Iron Man 3 after the crap show that was Iron Man 2. Now, it’s being reported that he’ll be breathing new life into the Predator franchise after the AVP movies did everything in their power to kill it off for good.

20th Century Fox has announced that they are going to reboot the Predator franchise, and they want Black to be the man at the helm. He’ll write the treatment, which will then be turned into a screenplay by Fred Dekker.

Ironically, this isn’t Black’s first connection to the franchise. In 1987, he had a small, unaccredited role in the original Predator film.

Chances are that there’s going to be a few years wait before we see the movie happen, as Black will most likely want to film Doc Savage first (Check our next post for interesting casting news on that film)!

Source: THR