Simon Pegg and Nick Park are more than just good friends, they two are a dynamic duo in front of the camera. Fans have enjoyed watching them since the starred together in the British comedy series, Spaced (directed by Edgar Wright) and the way through their classic Edgar Wright directed film trilogy of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The End Of the World.

While we don’t know what outlet will be airing the new horror/comedy show, which they’ve titled Truth Seekers, we do know that they are planning to release the show in a weekly format and not all at once as viewers have become used to thanks to Netflix.

Here’s what they told variety about the new show:

“Each episode is going to be an adventure, a potential haunting or something. It’ll start as a very parochial idea, a very small business venture for these people, but it will expand as the series goes on to be something far more global. It’s a language everyone understands, the mystery of the unknown. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was a very parochial story set in North London and somehow it managed to get this global reach because everyone understands the language of zombie movies.”

Source: Variety