Two fo the greatest things to ever come out of the UK are about to come together. Screen Daily is reporting that Simon Pegg has taken the lead, live-action roll in the new sci-fi film: Absolutely Anything. The film will blend live action and CGI and is set to feature the voices of John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones.

The movie is about a man named Neil Clarke, “a disillusioned school teacher who suddenly finds he has magical powers, bestowed upon him by aliens.” Pegg will play Clarke, with the cast of Monty Python taking on the roles of the aliens. Additionally, Robin Williams is set to voice Neil’s Dog.

The movie is set to film late March of next year. There’s no word on when the film will come out, but we are already wondering if this means… Monty Python in Hall H at SDCC 2014?!?!

Source: Collider