The Simpsons are in the midst of their big 20th anniversary celebration and they are pulling out some interesting tricks to help celebrate the day of green beer.

First up is the newest episode of the Simpsons. Here int he USA, we won;’t be seeing it until Sunday night,but over in Ireland and The UK, it will be premiering tonight in honor of its local topic: Homer and Grampa travel to Ireland to open up a pub together.

Stateside, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco are in for a real treat. Bars in all the listed cities will be visited randomly women dressed as Marge. She’ll be on hand to pass out ring tones and cell phone wall papers.

*what ever happened to t-shirts, mugs, and dvds? Is it just me or are these virtual gifts a pile of virtual crap?

In New York City, , a clip from next Sunday’s episode will run throughout the day on the Astrovision screen in Times Square and will feature a toll-free number for viewers to call in so they can hear what’s being played on the screen.