Yesterday we wrote about the future of “The Simpsons” being in jeopardy as Fox has declared the show being no longer sustainable under its current deal and demands a salary reduction or face a cancellation.

As of today, several top-level producers of “The Simpsons” have agreed to take pay cuts to keep the long-running animated show on the air.

The cast, however, have yet to agree to terms with the studio.

According to a report by Variety, Simpsons studio 20th Century Fox TV has demanded a 45 percent pay cut and the voice actors countered with a 30 percent reduction, plus a piece of the back end. The studio rejected that proposal.

All sides, however, strongly believe a deal will be reached. Even at a reduction is pay, everyone will still be making a lot of money, Fox, producers, voice talents and all. Plus, nobody wants to see “The Simpsons” end without a proper series finale and to let money be the cause of its demise.

Source: Variety