THR is reporting that the rights of the Sin City Sequel are currently being shopped around Hollywood as rumors spread that Dimension Films may have lost rights to the property.

The Weinstein Co./Dimension continue to maintain that they hold the rights to any sequel for the Robert Rodriguez film, which grossed $159 million worldwide when it came out in 2005.

But producers say they have been shopped the rights by reps for Miller’s estate, who they say are seeking a new place to set up a potential follow-up.

If the rumors are true, the situation may have occurred for any number of reasons ranging from inactivity in the development of the film to an internal decision to cut the property loose. There are also rumors as to how involved Robert Rodriguez will be in the sequel after his great job directing the first movie.

Of course, there’s also the long standing rumor that after the craptacular job he did on The Spirit, no one wants to trust Frank Miller with a single dollar of production money.