One day you’re Superman, the next day you’re unemployed. Tom Welling who plays Superman/Clark Kent on “Smallville” for over a decade may be switching sides and swapping a cape for tights. While the last episode of “Smallvile” airs this Friday, May 14th, What’s Playing is currently reporting that Welling is being considered by Marvel for one of their future comic book adventures.

As of now, no one knows which role Welling could be in contention for, but Marvel does have several properties currently being adapted — Doctor Strange, Runaways and Deathlok. The best fit out of the three seems to be Doctor Strange. Although I don’t think he’d make a good traditional Dr. Strange, I can actually see him as a young Dr. Strange in a new modern Ultimate type universe.

The question now remains, is Warner Bros, which owns DC, interested in retaining Welling? If so, what role could they give him, or will we begin to see his inevitable transition from the small screen to featured film? We ask only because Welling was last considered for the Huntsman in the new Snow White movie starring Kristen Stewart. Ultimately, however that role went to Chris Hemsworth who plays “Thor” in the new Marvel featured film.

Source: What’s Playing