If you liked Solo: A Star Wars Story, this news is probably going to make you very happy. If you didn’t, you should still hold your complaints until you see the actual film. Collider is reporting that Jonathan Kasdan is replacing David Koepp as the writer of Indiana Jones 5.

We don’t currently know anything about the film, other than the fact that some reports have this film serving as a transition to introduce the next generation’s Indy, as the hat and whip at passed down from Harrison Ford to a younger male or female actor. That was also the plan with Indiana Jones 4, The one with the stupid crystal skulls that we pretend didn’t happen. Interestingly, Koepp had also written that chapter of the franchise, so not letting him near another Indiana Jones film should make fans ecstatic.

The film is set to go into production in April of 2019, just a couple of months before Harrison Ford’s 77th birthday.

Source: Collider